It’s hard being the third child.

Dear Son #3,  

You are six months today, wow time flies. I feel like we were just bringing you home for the first time, your sweet little face brimming with hope about this new world you have entered. So peaceful and quiet, Mommy and Daddy constantly snuggling you and always at your beck and call for your every possible need. As I would watch you sleep those first couple of days I remember thinking… 

Oh you poor soul. Soon you’ll meet your brothers.  

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of love there, it’s slightly aggressive and not always pleasant smelling, but it’s there. They love their Baby Alexander.  

Still, I have come to admire your many qualities; specifically your bravery, resilience, and patience 

Bravery – I have witnessed some immense bravery on your part when you’re put on the floor to play. Within 4 seconds of you being down there, two shadows are looming over you; your brothers. One in a Ninja Turtle mask and the other in a Darth Vader mask. You don’t cry or whimper, you just give a big ol’ toothless grin to the face of danger. Man, I admire your courage because they scare me on the best of days. 


Resilience – While your brothers try their best to be gentle with you, in their eyes you are still a cabbage patch doll, just way better. But you are one resilient little dude. I’m sorry but as much as I try to protect you, I’m ridiculously outnumbered and it’s game over if I have to take 48 seconds to go pee. This last week alone you’ve been beaten like a drum (“Mommy! Baby Alexander’s a drum!”), rocked like a ship in a hurricane in your Exer-saucer, poked and prodded like that poor guy in the game “Operation” and actually had your nuts used as a hand hold tonight in the bathtub. I wish I was making this up.


Patience – You are my third child and they say you should never compare children as all children are different and special and unique and yah yah yah. You are by far the most patient child I have ever had.
Home time: “Ok Pieter and William you guys get out and I’ll grab the bags, Alexander I’ll come back in a second for you buddy.”
Meal time: “I’m just going to give Pieter and William their supper Alexander then I’ll be right there with yours.”
Nap time: “I know you’re done napping Alexander but I’m just wiping Pieter’s bum then getting William a snack, then I’ll be right there.”
Poop time: “You’re diaper change is next Alexander but your poop’s contained, William’s is spread all over the bathroom.” 


Now I could write a novel about your amazing qualities because you are a really good baby but then no one would read it, so we’ll just end this now. Stay brave, stay resilient and stay patient my little one because you’ll always be the third child and you’re going to need all the help you can get.  

Love Mommy,  


P.S. Eat lots and get bigger than them. That’s my only advice.

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1 thought on “It’s hard being the third child.”

  1. Your Boys, love their stories!
    Alexander, is a survivor for sure❤️
    Just beThank Full they aren’t throwing darts and trying to
    Flush him down the toilet.
    Everyone is smiling and laughing
    Life is Good for your 3 sons 😘🤗


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