Here’s some fun facts.

Dear Son #1,   Fun fact.   Did you know that I say "get off William!" 277 times a day, "don't push William!" 537 times a day and "whatever you're doing to William, stop!" 742 times a day?   So forgive me, terrible mother that I am, when I don't jump and save you the one… Continue reading Here’s some fun facts.


Happy 3rd Birthday!

Dear Son #1,   I can’t believe three years ago today you came into our lives and successfully flipped them upside down, sideways and all around. You’ve shocked us with your hilarious antics, quirky sense of humor and ridiculous demands. You’ve exhausted us with your hormonal-teenage-girl-during-that-time-of-the-month mood swings, Walmart-worthy temper tantrums and stubbornness that would make… Continue reading Happy 3rd Birthday!