There’s just so much else to do.

Dear Son #2,  

Our house is like a haven for little boys like yourself. There’s literally an endless amount of fun to be had and I’d be here for a month naming it all.  

There’s toys to play with, books to read, stuffed animals to drool on, kitchen cupboards to empty, both clean and dirty laundry to be dragged around, furniture to wipe your nose on, ear plugs to chew on, bookmarks to be pulled from Mommy’s books, Kleenex to eat, neatly stacked piles of diapers to be rearranged, boxes of Bandaids to be emptied, mirrors and windows to lick, lamps to be pulled down and closets to be reorganized.  

Why. Every time. Do you play in the toilet? 

Love Mommy,  



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2 thoughts on “There’s just so much else to do.”

  1. The toilet is such a great place to play!, it’s cool, wet and once William figures out how to flush the adventure will really begin. Toys, books and other things are just for your typical little boy, but a toilet is a true amusement park for real discoveries 😁 Good luck Amy, he will likely hate it when it’s time for potty training 🤪


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