Happy 3rd Birthday!

Dear Son #1,  

I can’t believe three years ago today you came into our lives and successfully flipped them upside down, sideways and all around. You’ve shocked us with your hilarious antics, quirky sense of humor and ridiculous demands. You’ve exhausted us with your hormonal-teenage-girl-during-that-time-of-the-month mood swings, Walmart-worthy temper tantrums and stubbornness that would make a mule proud. You’ve amazed us with how you’ve stepped up to being a big brother (minus the times you’ve used William as a stepping stool), how much you care about your family and friends and your way of just making us laugh (usually when we’re trying to discipline you). You’ve enlightened us with your extreme independence, your spirited negotiation skills and your ability to convey your feelings of displeasure.  

As shocked, exhausted, amazed, and enlightened we are on a daily basis we wouldn’t trade these adventures/challenges and your remarkable personality for the world. Thank you for being YOU and happy birthday our Pieter boy! 

Love Mommy,  



1 thought on “Happy 3rd Birthday!”

  1. Happiest of Birthdays to you, my little buddy!
    You have brightened so many lives, I love seeing that special glitter in your eyes and your persistent nature.
    Keep those parents of yours on there toes, and don’t forget being the big brother means teach your siblings the ropes 😘
    I hope your day was truly amazing and I look forward to seeing you and William soon!


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