The Destroyer of Worlds

Dear Son #3,   Mommy and Daddy are a bit geeky and enjoy dipping into the odd SciFi show occasionally. One of our favorites, "Stargate SG1", has a character known as Linea The Destroyer of Worlds. She was an incredibly sweet, beautiful and charismatic character with a very dark side. Now, I'm not saying that you would create… Continue reading The Destroyer of Worlds


Swimming just isn’t fun without rules!

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,   We’re back in the Red Zone again (yes, I do feel like I'm living in a Stephen King novel at the moment) which means we can go swimming again!! Yipee! I’m here, once again, to remind you of the rules. I know right? I’m such a hoot.   Now, as… Continue reading Swimming just isn’t fun without rules!