Change is a good thing.

Dear Son #1 & #2,  

Change is a good thing, you’ll hear this for the rest of your life, ESPECIALLY when something isn’t going your way. But it’s true – change helps us grow, adapt and generally become better little boys who share our toys, eat all of our veggies and go to bed at night without a fight.  

Now there’s a big (figuratively) but little (literally) change coming to our family in March and I’ll give you a couple of hints: 

  1. They can either smell really good or really bad. 
  2. They can either be really quiet or really loud.  
  3. They can either be really cute or really scary. 
  4. They can either take up a lot of Mommy’s time or energy (or both).  

Right…I basically just described both of you… so I’m just going to tell you that you’re going to have a new brother or sister! Yup, that means you’ll both be big brothers if you want to start studying.

Things may be different and there may be a lot of changes coming our way but know that my love for you boys will never change.  

Love Mommy,  


P.S. Oh and you need to share a room now. 


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