First Day of School.

Dear Son #1,  

The countdown is over. The big day is here.  

I packed your robot backpack with your spare underwear and socks. Your Toy Story lunch box is packed with way more than you eat in a day. And I labelled everything except you.  

It’s your first day of school. And Mommy’s a hot mess. 

All summer we’ve been doing the countdown, and I’m not gonna lie, I was excited. How blissful would it be with just two children who both still napped every day? How relaxing would it be to not have to break up a fight every five seconds? How gratifying would it be to eat lunch without nagging to eat one more bite? How productive would it be without my “little helper” doing it his way?  

Truth is, that was all talk, I’m really going to miss you. 

Now I’ve just watched you run into the school yard as you enter this big new world, and I’m not gonna lie, I am scared. What if you get bullied? What if you hate school? What if you don’t make friends? What if you make the wrong kind of friends? What if you get into trouble? What if, what if, what if?  

And what if you realize you really don’t need Mommy anymore because you’re a big boy now? 



Don’t worry though, I put on my big girl pants and a brave face because I am excited for you. But as I sit here shedding some unattractive tears in the minivan please know that you’ll always be my little man and I know deep down you’re going to do great. In school and in life.  

No matter how much you drive me up the wall, I’ll still miss you between the hours of 9:15 and 3:35. And no matter how much of a big boy you are, you can still need your Mommy.  

Okay that’s enough sappy stuff, go give those teachers a run for their money and I have the school phone number programmed into my phone for when the principal calls me to tell me you peed against a tree in the playground… 

Love Mommy,


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1 thought on “First Day of School.”

  1. Never fret Amy, Your boys are always going to need their Mom and Dad!
    This is a big step in your lives, the next big step that will devastate you for longer is when Alexander goes off on his first day,
    Enjoy the excitement of the new world Pieter is becoming part of.


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