10 invaluable things I learned on our trip to Niagara Falls.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,  

We did it! We survived! We had fun! We made memories! We probably got ourselves banned from the hotel forever but there’s lots of them to choose from so no matter! That’s right, we had a great time on our family trip to Niagara Falls. We came, we saw, we conquered and as always, Mommy acquired lots of takeaways for the next time we travel with you three monsters.  

Keep in mind that this is also a handy list to keep in your back pocket for when you have your own children. I won’t necessarily be available when that time comes because Daddy and I will be sitting on a beach somewhere sipping Pina Coladas. 

Moving on… 

  1. OnRoutes are a stressful place to bring children.  
    Period. Now this point should really take up a whole post on it’s own and probably will one day but my word, why do you boys find OnRoutes so exciting? It’s like we let you loose in a room filled with candy, bouncy castles and Paw Patrol toys. Absolute insanity. And while many times I can get away with it when people think you’re cute in some places (God Bless the staff at Essa library); no one in an OnRoute thinks you’re cute. Including me.  
  2. The stone walls around the Falls are just not high enough. 
    I had about 163 heart attacks during our stay as you literally took turns – not you Alexander – speeding your way to the walls to climb up and get a better look. So busy was I either running after you or yelling at DaddyAunt Inake or random passersby to grab your hand that I don’t actually remember seeing the Falls. Was I overreacting? Maybe. But next time we bring child leashes.

  3. There are “emergency buttons” EVERYWHERE.  
    In the hotel elevators, in the Skylon, in the pool, in the bathrooms, in the Sky Wheel, and even in random parking lots. And I don’t know how many times one of us did a flying leap to stop you from pushing one. I know. Those red buttons are mighty tempting. 


  4. The Rainforest Café has fake thunderstorms.  
    Not a word of a lie, the place is for children and has fake thunderstorms. Now I’m not saying we didn’t have fun, we had a great time there with the gorillas, elephants and “Nemo” fish but also had to talk you guys through it every 20 minutesUnlike the storms, the struggle was real. 

  5. The hotel sheets will not be white when you leave.  
    They will be covered in: crayon markings, chicken finger grease, ketchup, apple juice, Trix cereal dust, cookie crumbs, dirt, snot, and yes of course – pee and poo. I’m still shocked we got our security deposit back. 

  6. Adjoining rooms are a must.  
    Because it only take 2.7 seconds for a three-year-old to open the room door and start wandering the halls and talking to old ladies

  7. No naps for three days can be deadly.  
    I don’t even need to write anything here.

  8. Bring extra rolls of toilet paper.  
    Because apparently it is more fun to toilet paper the room than it is to save the rainforest. 

  9. Clifton Hill = epic tantrums. 
    In my mind, next to Las Vegas, Clifton Hill is the most over-stimulating place on the planet. From the flashing lights, loud sounds and music to the multiple arcades, fun houses and stores filled to the brim with overpriced treats. Throw in three little boys hopped up on cookies and hot dogs – not you Alexander – and you got yourself a glorified hot mess, not to mention the mother of all meltdowns waiting to happen. Times two.

  10. Always bring an Aunt Inake.  
    I cannot stress this enough to you boys. If you are ever outnumbered with young, crazy children. Bring an Aunt Inake. Not only is it one extra body to help with the feeding, the pooping, the swimming, the entertaining, the walking, the chasing, and the tackling; an Aunt Inake puts the kids to bed while Mommy and Daddy go out at night. So get yourself an Aunt Inake.

To sum up the little holiday, it was awesome and I loved {almost} every minute of it, as I hope you did too. I can’t wait until our next one, maybe next year though as that is how long it’s going to take the three of us to recover from this one.  

Love Mommy, 

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