5 Reasons Dads are way cooler than Ryder from Paw Patrol.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3, 

About a month ago I shattered your dreams when I shared with you how moms are way cooler superheroes than the pups of Paw Patrol. Sorry, life is tough I know. Now, I know what you’re thinking, ain’t no one cooler than Ryder, the pups’ trusty and dependable leader. Mwahaha, yeah there is.  


Yup, no joke, here are 5 reasons why dads are way cooler than Ryder.  

  1. Dependability.
    There is no one you can depend on more than Dad. Whether it’s to show you how to fish or ride a bike, rescue you when you fall in the lake or do a header off the swings or whether you need someone to hear your side of the story when you’re in trouble with Mom. (“William did it!”)

  2. Leadership.
    There is no one that can lead better than Dad. While it is pretty cool that a ten-year-old can lead a pack of superhero dogs, Dad can lead his family and that is the most important job in the whole world. Even more important than saving the town from a giant robotic dinosaur. Sure, Mom packs all the spare clothes, snacks, toys, books, hats, diapers and water bottles, but Dad will lead the way and it’s usually to somewhere pretty fun.

  3. Knowledge.
    There is no one smarter than Dad. In fact, they seem to have this part of their brain that stores both incredibly useful and absolutely useless knowledge. Seriously, ask him anything, it’s scary how he either knows or pretends to know the answer. Sadly, Mommy’s brain cells were evacuated with each placenta so please ask her simple questions only (like where to find something), the rest take to Daddy.
  4. Dedication.
    There is no one more dedicated to the many aspects of his life than Dad. Dad is dedicated to his work, his hobbies, his friends, his better half (Mommy) and of course his kids. Only Dads come home after a 12-hour work day to read the hippopotamus book for the 340,382nd time, be ridden like a horse, wrestle two hyper boys into bed, then go outside and fix a bike or a soccer ball. Beat that Ryder.  
  5. Fun.
    There is no one more fun than Dad. Moms hate it but it’s just a fact of life, you could be at the most boring place on the planet but with Dad, it’s always fun. 

So, there may be no job too big and no pup too small for Ryder but if I had to pick a superhero (and Mom was unavailable), I’d be going Dad. All. The. Way.  

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad superheroes! 

Love Mommy,  



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