Just a walk in the park.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,  

You will no doubt, throughout your lives, often hear the phrase “Just a walk in the park”. It means that something is easy, simple and quick to accomplish. So basically the exact opposite of what a walk in the park is like for us. Last week I had the brilliant idea – I know I have a lot of them – to take the three of you on a walk to the park. Two-thirds in the stroller and one-third on your new “Engine Turtle” bike, what could go wrong? What a great way to spend a cloudy morning, fresh air, exercise and practice riding the bike. As usual boys, you are such over-achievers, some valuable lessons were learned.  

Pieter – While training wheels help you stay up on the bike, they don’t work when one’s on the road and one’s in the ditch. It’s just physics. And no matter how loud you scream at me, I am not pushing your bike and the stroller to the park.  

William – If you want to go down the slide head first, go for it! But close your mouth next time to avoid a big old mouthful of sand. I’m sorry, I tried really really hard not to laugh, but I’m only human.  

Alexander – You must know by now that sadly Mommy only has two arms. When one of them is rescuing someone from the ditch and the other is scraping sand off someone’s tongue, you are just going to have to wait your turn. 

Mommy – Next time just stay in the backyard. 

Love Mommy,  



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1 thought on “Just a walk in the park.”

  1. Amy, you are truly an amazing Parent! I can’t even imagine taking the three on a walk… with a bike no less. I can almost hear the crying of the three 🙂 . Come September it will be more manageable but not near as exciting. Love your Adventures and just when you think you have it under control, I’m betting you will get a puppy.
    Let the good times roll along! 🙂


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