The baptism gown.

Dear Son #3,  

Yesterday was a very special and important day for you and your family, it was your baptism. To add to this special day was the beautiful baptism gown you wore. Quick history lesson – even though all you currently care about is when your next booby is appearing. Not only did your brother wear this for his baptism but also your Daddy. Meaning that it’s 35 years old, that I’ve just given away Daddy’s age and that it’s been through a heck of a lot of babies. The material itself is actually created from your Oma’s wedding dress and made by your very talented Great-Oma, may she rest in peace.  

Needless to say this is a priceless and delicate family heirloom and so to answer your question: No, I was not super impressed after the ceremony when your butt exploded and you turned the gown from a fresh white to a mustard yellow.  

So yeah, you should probably apologize to all the future babies who plan to wear it and hope they don’t mind the new look it’s sporting! 

Love Mommy,  



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