This is my grown up (and really boring) Christmas wish.

Dear Son #1 & #2
I have a very simple Christmas wish this year, one that is realistic, easy, kinda boring, but I’m sure most achievable. I know you both can make it come true probably without much effort on your part.
Can you take a guess?
Is it…
World Peace? – Nope, there are far too many personalities/religions/angry people in this world to achieve world peace.
Health? – Nope, sorry there is just too much snot around here and the licking of random objects to achieve such a wish in this household.
Happiness? – Nope, in my mind you aren’t living in the real world if I try to make you happy all the time. Plus that would mean basically endless candy, chocolates and juice. In other words, instant Diabetes.
Snow? Nope, the more snow we get, the more Daddy has to shovel and the more we have to listen to him — I mean — poor Daddy.
Lots of Presents? Nope, heck nope. More stuff to wrap, more stuff to clean up, more stuff to trip over and more stuff to step on oh-so-painfully in the dark of night.
Lots of Decorations? Nope, more stuff to put up, more stuff to injure myself on, more stuff to put away, and more stuff to store.
How about…
Unbroken Christmas Ornaments? YES, that is all I want for Christmas! It’s not hard, just don’t take them off the tree and use them as baseballs, weapons, or ride on toys.
Merry Christmas my destructive little elves, may all your Christmas wishes come true.
Love Mommy,

1 thought on “This is my grown up (and really boring) Christmas wish.”

  1. Merry Christmas Kiezebrink Family
    What was Mommy thinking buying Christmas decorations that would break 😁
    Love those two little elf’s and the antics they get up too, next year three.
    Blessings to everyone and a prosperous New Year !


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