Good idea Mom.

Dear Son #2,  

They say – whoever “they” are – that babies/toddlers need to explore in order to develop properly and become well adjusted children and adults yahdeeyahdee. I’m all for that too, I’m not afraid of getting a little messy. Although in this case “a little messy” is the understatement of the century. Live and learn.   

So, you’ve recently developed an interest in colouring and “OH MY!” I thought to myself “he’s going to be creative just like his Mommy” and was literally overcome with excitement.  

It’s the small things. You’ll get it one day.  

Anyway, crayons were a challenge because you have to push hard and I didn’t want you getting turned off the idea of becoming the next Picasso so “here sweetie, here’s a marker! I’m so proud!” 

I know right? Mommy brain at its best. Good idea Mom.  

We’ve gone back to crayons for the meantime. Happy colouring.  

Love Mommy,  


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1 thought on “Good idea Mom.”

  1. That little Darling ! The marker smells like blueberries and by the looks of William they may very well taste like them as well!
    He is one happy little man regardless ❤️


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