Let’s talk about stools.

Dear Son #1 & #2, 

We need to talk about stools. Not your poop, the ones used to make you taller. Let ’s talk about what they should be used for.  

  1. To help us reach the bedroom and bathroom light. 
  2. To help us reach the bathroom sink to wash our hands.  
  3. To help us reach the toys in the top bins to share with our brother. 

That’s it.  


  1. To help us reach all the messy/breakable/sharp things from the kitchen counter.  
  2. To help us climb onto the bathroom counter and use up all the bubble gum toothpaste.  
  3. To help us scale desks in order to reach photo frames/breakable objects.  
  4. To help us win a wrestling match with our brother.  
  5. To help us scratch the upstairs floors. 
  6. To help us climb into the washing machine.  
  7. To help us climb up to the stove and essentially give me a heart attack. 

While I’m impressed that you thought “outside of the box” for the uses of your stools, please stop.  

Love Mommy,  



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