I never thought I’d say…

Dear Son #1 & #2 

As this year is coming to a close, I started the usual end-of-year reflections as I went about my day-to-day fun of cleaning up poop, snot and regurgitated breast milk. Not only did I think of how the last few years have been the best years full of love, laughter, challenges, and oh so many dirty diapers; but how many things that I never imagined I would find myself saying.  

“Tuck it in! Tuck it in! You’re peeing everywhere!” 

“OMG I just ate a piece of regurgitated Mum Mum cookie” 

“Help! My arm is stuck in the Diaper Genie” 

“Can you not put lasagna on my neck.” 

“Yay! You pooped/peed/burped, good boy! 

“No, we don’t sit on the potty we sit in it. With our pants down.” 

“HEY! Don’t ride your brother!” 

“Sorry I’m late, I was pushing poo down the bathtub drain.” 

“Thank you for coughing breast milk in my face.” 

“Get that out of the toilet right now!” 

“Excuse me! Grab your own penis please.” 

“Argh! I cannot get that Wiggles song out of my head!” 

“There is way too much poo in my life today.” 

As you can see, you keep life interesting and I wouldn’t change it for the world, so keep up the good work. 

Love Mommy,  



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