Merry Christmas!

Dear Son #1,  

Today is a special day, it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas my dear boy and thank you for not waking up at 4am this morning. You wouldn’t have found me very merry at that time. Christmas is a very exciting time for a little man like yourself. It’s full of lights, music, trees, chocolate, presents, late nights and let’s not forget that overly large gentleman that “sees you when you’re sleeping”. We’ll talk about him next year. 

But I don’t want you to ever forget one of the most important parts of Christmas, your family. You are a very lucky boy to have such an amazing family.  

Daddy, who sneaks you Pringles when I’m not looking, takes you snowmobiling, makes you the best scrambled eggs and reads lots of books to you.  

Mommy, who changes your (at times) very nasty bum, kisses your boo boos, gives the best snuggles and knows all the Wiggles songs (words and actions!). 

William, who always laughs at your jokes, doesn’t cry when you smack him over the head (because he doesn’t want to get you in trouble), shares his toys and bodily fluids, and literally hangs on to your every word. 

And you know what? We’re very lucky to have you. Because who would Daddy snowmobile with? Who would Mommy sing and dance with? And who would William share his toys/fluids with? 

Merry Christmas son, we all love you. 

Love Mommy,  



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