Shirtless in Subway.

Dear Son,

You’re a ladies man, I get it and I’m good with it, I think it’s funny. You do your little flirting bit and the ladies fall over themselves because let’s face it, you’re the cutest thing since that toad that dude dressed up in a tutu on Facebook. You got the strut, the big eyes and the smile down pat and I feel that will serve you well – maybe too well – later on in life. I’ll worry about that later.

For now though let’s talk about our latest visit to Subway. In we go, strutting our stuff, waving to passersby – well you are anyway. I’m doing the boring Mom thing, watching for cars, holding open doors and trying to make sure you don’t fall on your face. Low and behold, there’s a pretty lady in front of us getting a sub, it’s your lucky day. I watch as you begin the routine and she’s lapping it up, oh you may even get a phone number this time my boy.

Then you try to take your shirt off, oh my word.

Few things: you can only get away with this while you are small and cute. There’s a big sign on the door that says “No shirt, no shoes, no service”. You should maybe think twice about the type of girls you go after if that’s what you have to do to get their attention.

Love Mommy,



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