Freshly laundered door stoppers anyone?

Dear Son,

You know, I was thinking as of late that it’s time you do your own laundry. I’ve got enough on the go at the moment without having to soak spaghetti stains out of your pants so I’m glad you’ve taken the initiative yourself. Not to be a control freak but I need to set up some ground rules.

  1. Things that do not belong in the washing machine include but are not limited to: rubber ducks, Goldfish crackers, miniature pianos, fridge magnets, my slippers, sippy cups and door stoppers.
  2. Usually only dirty clothes go in the washing machine so take the clothes out of the dirty basket, not the clean one.
  3. I know it’s fun, but opening and shutting the door for every item you put in is going to break the door. For your own safety, I wouldn’t recommend breaking my washing machine.
  4. The key is to push the correct buttons then walk away, not push as many buttons as possible until the machine starts flashing like a slot machine. I know it’s pretty but try to restrain yourself.

Other than that, go at it son, and remember the cheapest times are from 7pm-7am!

Love Mommy,



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