It’s the sound…of Velcro.

Dear Son,

Every mama is scared of the following sound when their beautiful babies are at that adorable independent stage of life: the sound of silence. I am also one of those mamas because in that short amount of time it is astounding how much you can get into and so very quietly. These activities, of course, shall remain a secret from the rest of the world because I’d hate to look like a bad mom, heaven forbid. Let’s just say the phone chargers are up higher, my earplugs are in the drawer and we definitely won’t be leaving the bathroom door open anymore.

In saying this, there is another sound that I have come to fear: the sound of Velcro. I’m going to lay it on the line for you, you are the hardest child in the world to get dressed. It’s an exhausting and actual sweat-producing workout when I have to alligator wrestle you to get your hat, coat and shoes on. Not that I’m complaining because I need the workout. But there is nothing more downright disheartening when we finally get into the car, are 45 seconds down the road and I hear it. Riip. Riiiiiip. Riiiiiiiiip. There goes the hat, the shoes, and the socks. It’s okay, it’s only –50 out, I’m sure you won’t feel the cold.

Love Mommy,



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