Pinterest-worthy reading nook.

Dear Son,

You’re getting to be such a big boy these days and just so grown up. So we decided it was time that you had your very own reading nook. Here you can explore the worlds of green breakfast items, princesses sporting paper bag outfits and a family of bears who are always learning lessons the hard way. And you may be on to something with reading the books upside down too, adds an extra challenge.

Now about your nook, don’t be fooled by the other reading nooks you’ve seen with bookshelves, comfy chairs and cuddly toys. This nook is portable, biodegradable, and if you look in the corners you may even find reminiscences of the groceries I bought from Costco. So enjoy it and if you’re really good the next time we’re at Costco we’ll get you another one for downstairs.

Happy reading!

Love Mommy,



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