December 2016

You need to understand that I am not a morning person. December 14, 2016

Dear Son,  
As you may have noticed, our morning routine is slightly more rushed now that I’m back at work and you’re going to Oma’s. While I try to make the experience fun and relaxing for you it’s not always possible. However, this could be more achievable with your help…  
1. Try to refrain from shampooing your hair with your breakfast, as cute as you look, when we have to leave in 8 minutes, it stresses me out.  
2. Don’t scream the house down when I attempt to squeegee you down, I can’t send you to Oma’s with your oatmeal hair gel and peanut butter face cream, it’s just not happening.  
3. For once, just once, can you sit relatively still while I get you dressed. You do know it takes longer the way you do it now right? 
4. I’m glad you like bath time but bath time is not when we leave in 2 minutes, step away from the tub boy.  
5. It’s cold out, you need your coat on. Stop making me do wrestling holds in order to get your coat on. Fine, I’ll compromise with no hat today, just. stay. still.  
6. Ok our coats and boots are on, bags are ready, what’s that smell….? I know it’s difficult to schedule your bowel movements but why now when have to leave 6 minutes ago? 
Looking forward to tomorrow morning my dear boy! 
Love Mommy 

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