Dear Son #1,  

I remember the first week of JK for you. You learned so much, made so many friends, had so many stories and remembered so many sickening Kindergarten catch phrases. One of the worst ones though, that has really stuck and is often said in our house through gritted teeth, is the famous: 


I put this in caps because it’s normally said aggressively, exaggeratingly, or with some serious attitude and or whining behind it. It’s a powerful statement, incredibly annoying, but very true. Now, you are literally the worst sharer I have ever seen in my life. From the day you could close your chubby hand around an object, that was it, game over. It was yours and yours only. While you did obviously improve with age and with the appearance of two younger brothers. You didn’t improve much. And I still find myself yelling enthusiastically “Pieter, SHARING IS CARING!!” Then silently hating myself because it really makes me feel like I’m one of the Wiggles hopped up on Speed and Espresso.  

Then last week, something happened which made me almost fall over in shock.  

You had $30 of birthday money and you were super pumped to get something with it. So, Daddy took you out to the store to see if there was something you could find. As a Mom, I was so excited to see what you got because this was a monumental event! My first baby going out into the world spending his own money on something that will no doubt end up in a “SHARING IS CARING” war by the end of the week. This was big stuff.  

You and Daddy came home with a box that had three superheroes with matching motorcycles in it. Black Panther, Ironman, and Spiderman. While I ooohed and ahhhed over your purchase and removed them from the box you specifically told me: 

“Black Panther is mine, Ironman is William’s, and Spiderman is Alexander’s”.  

Um, say what? I gasp to myself as I look up at Daddy for confirmation.  

“Yes, I only want one Mommy. Black Panther is for me, Ironman is for William, and Spiderman is for Alexander”. As if I was hard of hearing.  

Apparently, this was his idea at the store when he saw these toys as he thought his brothers would like them and they could all play together. I was so ridiculously proud and overwhelmed I could have cried. Finally, at long last, the most annoying kindergarten phrase in the whole world has actually made a difference. Pieter, I’m so proud of you for finally understanding that: 


And of course, your brothers were over the moon and there has yet to be a “SHARING IS CARING” war over these toys. Hallelujah.  

Love Mommy,  


P.S. Can we stop saying it now though? It’s literally like fingernails on a chalkboard. 

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2 thoughts on “SHARING IS CARING! Ugh.”

  1. So very proud of Pieter, he is an awesome big brother ❤️
    Parenting isn’t easy but you guys are rocking it😘🤗💕


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