Happy Birthday Pieter Boy and thanks for teaching me how to be a Mom.

Dear Son #1,  

Five years ago, I began a journey of lifelong learning. The hard way. Five years ago, you made me a Mom. And you taught me how. Thankfully you never made it boring for me and every day I learned something new, whether I wanted to or not. So, this post is a combination of a thank you for all the lessons so far – don’t worry I know I have a ton more to learn and you, no doubt have much more wisdom to impart – and a congratulations to both of us making it five whole years. Relatively unscathed, not bad friends and still smiling.  

Happy 5th Birthday Pieter Boy, and thank you for teaching me… 

  • That nobody is perfect – not you and not me. And there’s no point in either of us trying. 
  • That there is no such thing as a spotless house with happy kids living in it. 
  • That homeschooling is not for everyone. It is not for me and it is not for you. 
  • That you were born with your own set of likes, dislikes, strength, weaknesses and character traits. You’re not afraid to communicate them either. 
  • That you can, on occasion, embarrass the snot out of me (and I always thought that I was invincible). 
  • That some kids just don’t like colouring – I can’t help it, my mind is blown – but I accept that and you accept that some Moms just don’t like building Lego. 
  • That monumental milestones won’t happen until you decide they will happen. End. Of. Story. Ahem, potty-training. Good times.
  • That sometimes it is not a good time for you to be in a family photo, and if it’s one of those times, I will not get a good family photo.  
  • That you really don’t care if Mommy and Daddy are tired and hungry, but if it’s the reverse, trust me, we care.  
  • That I should never leave home without snacks due to the sudden extreme hunger that could appear at any given moment. 
  • That there are some battles I really don’t want to pick with you. 
  • That it is entirely possible to love someone like crazy that you just met.  
  • That life was incredibly dull and mundane for Mommy and Daddy before you came along. I don’t know how we managed. 

Happy Birthday my crazy boy, keep being you and never stop teaching me because I’m sure I still have a lot to learn.   

Love Mommy,  


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