55 Hours.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,  

I’m going to tell you something that may come as a shock. It may make you angry, upset or scared but here it goes…  

It’s not all about you.  


It’s true and a couple of weeks ago we dumped you off at Oma and Opa’s for 55 hours so we could go to the trailer. Just. The. Two. Of. Us.  

And it was wonderful.  

In the span of 55 hours I… 

  • Ate all my meals while they were still hot.  
  • Didn’t change a diaper or wipe a butt.  
  • Peed ALONE. 
  • Didn’t give anyone a timeout (that’s right, Daddy behaved himself).  
  • Ate at a restaurant. Slowly.  
  • Read a whole chapter of my book in one go.  
  • Snuggled with Daddy without spurring on a much unwanted WWE match.  
  • Had many full conversations with Daddy without stopping halfway to clean up a puddle of pee, tell someone to get off their brother or yell “Be quiet! I’m trying to talk to Daddy!” 
  • Didn’t have to read Goodnight Moon, Peppa Pig, or that weird book about that dog/bear/groundhog named Meme.  
  • Stayed up a little too late and got a little too tipsy.  
  • SLEPT IN UNTIL 10am! (I felt that warranted capitals) 
  • Missed you three. Yup, you heard me right. I’m with you 24/7, you drive me up the wall, all I want is to poop alone and I freaking missed you.  

I just love you to pieces you stinky boys but sometimes it’s really not all about you. It’s about me and it’s about Daddy, and it’s about our relationship. One day I will talk to you about the importance of working at relationships to keep them strong; but for now let’s keep it simple. Daddy is the first Kiezebrink boy I fell in love with (thankfully or that would make family reunions super awkward) and sometimes we both need time together. 55 hours. Without you.   

Love Mommy,  



1 thought on “55 Hours.”

  1. Awww, this is amazing! I love that you were able to do this! You deserve a little couple’s time out… Although yeah… I know it’s hard to let go…

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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