First day of “school” – PLEASE SEND WINE

Dear Son #1,  

Well, here goes nothing. It’s officially the first day of school, but you’re staying at home this year. While everyone has their own reasons for either sending their kids to school or keeping them home – it doesn’t matter. Either way it was a hard decision to make. You so badly wanted to go back to school and I so badly wanted you to go back to school, for mostly selfish reasons I’m not ashamed to admit. But alas, keeping you home was what we felt was best at the moment.  

I can’t promise much as this is an unknown land I am venturing into and while failure is imminent, I can promise you these things… 

  1. I promise that we’ll get in some fights, we’ll bump some heads, and we’ll have some serious power struggles. But please always remember this – I’m the boss.  
  1. I promise that I will cancel school some days to have a popcorn and movie day. For all of our sakes.  
  1. I promise that I’ll do my best to make learning fun, challenging, messy and – you never know – maybe tasty! Not every day though, I’m only one woman.  
  1. I promise that you’ll still miss school, your friends, and your teachers. I’m just your Mom and while I’m pretty freaking amazing, I still can’t replace any of these amazing people in your life.  
  1. I promise that I don’t know all the answers to the questions that you will ask. We will have to either “OK Google” it or ask Daddy. Sorry but there are some things such as “How does electricity go through wires?”, “How does a car work?”, and “What kind of truck is that?” – that Mommy just doesn’t know. 
  1. I promise that I will not be nearly as organized and as patient as your teachers so once you go back to school, whenever that may be, you’ll just appreciate them all the more.  
  1. I promise you will have classmates. I’m not promising you’ll like them very much as they are kind of younger, annoying, smelly, loud and quite messy. But you won’t be alone. Don’t know if I should be apologizing or not.  
  1. I promise we will have to hit “pause” on lessons multiple times in order for me to change a diaper, wipe a butt, or throw a snack at one of your classmates.  
  1. I promise that I will have days when I very much regret keeping you home and will want to send you back because today is just too hard. You will probably have these days too.  
  1. I promise that I won’t be perfect, that I’ll do things wrong, and that I’ll get super frustrated sometimes. But I also promise that I’ll do my best, that I’ll try my hardest, and do everything I can to make SK as great as possible for you this year.  

Just remember that if you ever can’t find me; I’m either locked in the bathroom, hiding under a table, or have simply run away from home. Don’t panic, just turn on The Magic School Bus until I get back. It’s okay. It’s educational.   

Love Mommy,  


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