The story of the fence and the squashed muffin.

Dear Son #2,  

Being a Mom of three boys, I sometimes come across young and carefree individuals who are on the fence about whether they should have children or not. On the one side of the fence you have a life of freedom, financial stability, and sleep. Oh glorious sleep. On the other side of the fence you have restrictions, financial insecurity and poop. Oh so much poop.  

Now before I go any further: do I regret having you and your brothers? No. Hardly ever. I love you all so much and could not imagine life without you. Not only do I love watching you grow, learn and enjoy life as most children your age do; I love being such an important part of your lives. I love all the laughs, the snuggles, the teaching moments and the play time. I even love Frozen 1 and 2. I do. I sing the songs all the time. BUT I would like to stress that having children is a very big decision. And I feel all people (you’re no exception) should be completely on that restrictive, broke and poopy side of the fence. 

You’re such a big boy now, almost three years old, so we’ve been working on potty training. Honestly, you’re doing great. Way better than your big brother who was a nightmare until he just decided not to be. Now he’s a nightmare in other ways but this isn’t about him today. What I have had to keep an eye on, as of late, is you taking off your own diaper. Because you can. Yay for you! But please don’t.  

I promise I have a point so bear with me.  

I made some mini chocolate muffins with hidden zucchini and banana, in my vain attempt get you to eat vegetables and it was a success! Then, of course, I found a squashed one on the rug in your room when I was putting you down for your nap last week. In case you don’t remember, this is how the conversation went with your brother…. 

Mommy: “Ugh, you boys! Chocolate muffins belong in your mouths, not on the floor.” 

*Picks up squashed muffin.  

*Squints in the dark at squashed muffin.  

*Smells squashed muffin.  

Pieter: “Is that poo?” 

Mommy: “Yup.” 

Pieter: “Ewwwww!!” 

Mommy: “Yup.” 

It wasn’t a muffin. And I wasn’t the one who squashed it either. That part remains just one of the terrifying mysteries of parenthood.  

Yup. Think carefully about that fence.  

Love Mommy,  



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