The certainties surrounding this very uncertain time.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,  

Well, it’s been a weird four weeks hasn’t it? One minute I’m trying to figure out ways to hold onto a shred of my sanity for the upcoming March Break and the next minute the world closes! Schools, stores, gyms, daycares, playgrounds, libraries – all of it shut down and we can’t even pester our friends or grandparents. All of sudden we’re plunged into a very restricted lifestyle that we are all very much unaccustomed to and it’s stressful. It’s stressful for you, it’s stressful for us, it’s stressful for everyone because of all of the uncertainties surrounding the “The Bad Cold” (Google “Covid-19” when you’re older, you should find one or two things about it).  

Fast forward to the now and my main goal is just survival. And I’m not only talking about “The Bad Cold”. I’m talking about being isolated with three very loud, very unpredictable, very accident prone and always-hungry-for-a-snack-but-not-an-apple boys. There apparently aren’t enough shows, activities, toys, books, walks, or Veggie Straws in the world. And I have so many questions still. How long will it be until the LCBO closes its doors and I’m officially doomed? How long will it be until the stores start stocking chocolate milk again? How long will it be until the playgrounds open again? How long will it be until I can have my village back? (Library, grandparents, daycare, library, school, playdates, library). How long will it be until Daddy comes home one day to find me locked in the bathroom and hiding in the bathtub? And in all seriousness, how long will it be until we won’t be afraid to go out in public again? Until we won’t be scared for our friends, our family and ourselves? Until every cough won’t send us running to Google? It’s hard my boys, there are so many uncertainties right now. 

HOWEVER, I have come up with ten things that I am VERY CERTAIN about.  

  1. I am CERTAIN that once this is all over, we will be spending a lot of time terrorizing the public again, specifically at the library and playground.  
  2. I am CERTAIN that potty-training during a global pandemic was a terrible idea. Mainly due to the shortage of Lysol wipes and toilet paper and the severe lack of patience.  
  3. I am CERTAIN that I will not be voluntarily homeschooling. Ever. Out of all the humans I miss the most right now, I miss your teachers. 
  4. I am CERTAIN that all the parents on Facebook who are posting photos of how much fun they are having isolating with their kids only feel this way about 11% of the time.  
  5. I am CERTAIN that at least two-thirds of our books and toys will be broken, ripped, chewed on, missing, and/or damaged in some way once this is all over. And I don’t even want to think about the condition of our poor house.   
  6. I am CERTAIN the lyrics from every song from Frozen 1 and 2 will be ingrained in my brain and haunt my dreams forever. 
  7. I am CERTAIN I will need a long, child-free vacation after this is over so start looking for willing babysitters. 
  8. I am CERTAIN I am not giving up wine or chocolate anytime soon. Sometimes, it’s okay for mommies to have vices, and right now is one of those times. So judge away. 
  9. I am CERTAIN that three kids are more than enough to satisfy my maternal needs so don’t expect a little sister. Period. 
  10. I am CERTAIN that by the end of this isolation I’m going to have aged at least 13 years. If not more. And no, not like a fine wine.  

I am also certain that we will have good days, great days, mediocre days and absolutely terrible days but that we will get through this together. And we’ll only come out stronger. So, let’s stay positive, let’s appreciate each other, let’s not barge in on Mommy when she’s trying to poop in peace and pleeeeease let’s watch a different Disney movie. 

Love Mommy,  



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