Happy first birthday Alexander, I’m so glad you made it.

Dear Son #3,

Happy Birthday! The big number one is finally here and I’m honestly feeling relieved that you made it because being the third boy in this crazy brood CANNOT be an easy job. And all with a big happy grin on your face. Dude, I salute you.

Right off the start you were thrown into a house that not only was ridiculously loud but chock FULL of germs as everyone around you battled colds, ear infections, and stomach bugs. You just rocked through it.

You were barely able to sit up yet and you were getting stepped on, ridden on, sat on and landed on. When reprimanded, your brothers claimed that you were simply “in the way” or assured me “it’s okay Mommy, he likes it”. Nice. And don’t even get me started on diaper changes, which have gotten increasingly more challenging and disgusting. There’s something that just screams Cholera every time you grab your poopy arse before I can wipe it, or lunge for the dirty diaper before I can dispose of it.

Like every baby, as soon as you could crawl you were into everything that was left on the floor small enough to fit in your mouth. Stickers, rogue wheels off of cars, crayons, buttons, and Playdoh. And there’s nothing more fun to clean up than blue Playdoh barf let me assure you.

Don’t get me started on when you began to stand and start climbing – now you’re into EVERYTHING. Not the toys or books at your disposal everywhere you turn in this house, but the garbage bins, the compost bucket (yup, you were eating compost one day), the laundry (clean or dirty, but dirty is more fun), opening drawers (and closing them on your fingers. Every. Time), knocking down side tables, climbing (and falling off) chairs, bobbing for I-don’t-want-to-know-what in the toilet when someone forgets to shut the door, and chewing ear plugs. Stop chewing my ear plugs. Money doesn’t grow on trees and they’re never the same after you’re done with them.

Now, on the day of your first birthday as we celebrate the fact that you’ve made it this far all in one piece; we have found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic as the whole world is in Coronavirus lockdown. Yes, this means isolation with your brothers. 24/7. I’m scared too.

But if there’s one thing I am certain of during this very uncertain time, I know that you’ll never stop smiling no matter what this world or your two crazy brothers throw at you.

Happy 1st Birthday little one. More smiling, less ear plugs!

Love Mommy,



1 thought on “Happy first birthday Alexander, I’m so glad you made it.”

  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Alexander
    You are a ray of sunshine, that smile melts the hearts 💕.
    May your day be filled with less stepping on, pushing around and whatever your brothers do to torment you.
    Instead I hope it is filled with, cake, ice cream, candy, hugs and kisses!
    You are developing into a fellow with wonderful characteristic, you have dealt and will deal with, being the little brother, tormented by the two older brothers, likely aggression (Mom deals with your brothers when that happens) and having to fight for your favourites out of the recycling.
    With the faith and love you have from Mommy, Daddy, brothers(yep brothers) , grandparents, family and friends . You are the bright light that gives us all hope for the future!
    Explore the world around you when things are once again safe.

    Love and Celebrate
    Tom and Gwen

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