It takes a village, especially a library.

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,  

On your wedding day it is customary to make a speech and thank all of the wonderful people in your life that have contributed to the amazing person you are today and please for my sake try not to have too many beers before you make this speech. While I fully expect to be first on your list – I better be – I also feel you should thank all the staff at the Essa Public Library. Not only for putting up with our frequent visits to terrorize them and their poor goldfish “Sparkle” but for standing up for us one day when we weren’t so welcome.  

{As a brief side note: you guys have way too much energy on an individual basis. Put you all together and it’s like a pack of deaf Huskies on Speed. In a library.} 

At the beginning, I was hesitant to bring you all to the library as it would take a power greater than what I possess to keep you all quiet and well behaved in an enclosed space for more than three minutes. But I was assured by the staff that your presence was more than welcome so we started to go on a more regular basis. I started to feel more comfortable provided we bee-lined for the kids’ room at the back where we could create mass destruction in an environment that offered a door that closed. Now, as you know, we got almost every week. We get some books and movies, terrorize the fish, play with the toys, read some books and go on with our day to create havoc elsewhere.  

Last week was the first time someone outright complained about you guys to the staff – and to be honest I felt you were being pretty good. Probably a good thing he wasn’t there on the Halloween fun night…***insert exploding head emoji here*** 

I held my breath as he ranted about how you boys shouldn’t be allowed in the library if you are going to be loud or running around. I tried to hurry checking our books out so we could get out before we were thrown out. But you know what happened?  

They defended us.  

They told the gentleman that library roles have changed from the 1890’s coffin-like existence (okay those are my words) to be more of a community hub. They explained they now like to encourage children to come to the library and by doing so are more than willing to put up with a little noise and activity, even embrace it.  

As an exhausted and severely outnumbered mom surrounded by a boy tornado, the relief was indescribable and very much welcome. People say it takes a village my boys, and it really does, and that includes a library.  

Love Mommy,  



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2 thoughts on “It takes a village, especially a library.”

  1. It does take a village! It’s so wonderful that the library staff defended your right to introduce the boys to a life with books,,
    Great Job Mom


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