This Mother’s Day, I don’t want to spend it with you. Don’t be offended.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” That was what you were supposed to wake me up with yesterday (preferably along with breakfast, homemade cards in hand, and at 9 am). But hey, “Mommy I pooed” at 7 am works too. That’s okay, you’re pretty young still and actually don’t know what Mother’s Day is so no worries.

You may be wondering why I chose to spend a day that is advertised to be a “celebration honoring the mother of the family” not with you: the very ones who made me a mother.

Don’t be offended and don’t take it personally. I just wanted a relaxing Mother’s Day.

I didn’t want to be yelled at, jumped on, or puked on.

I didn’t want to break up fights, give time outs, and try to train you to be better human beings.

I didn’t want to watch Paw Patrol, read Pete the Cat or play with Lego.

I didn’t want to clean up Hot Wheels cars, spilled milk or poop.

And I didn’t want to spend my whole day trying to relax by locking myself in the bathroom yelling through the door “GO ASK DADDY!”

And I didn’t want to feel guilty about it.

So, I didn’t. I took the easy one (yah sorry that’s Alexander) and I visited my own Mom (Nanny) from 6 foot away. And it was the most relaxing Mother’s Day.

I love you boys, I tell you this countless times every day. And I mean it from the very bottom of my heart. But sometimes everyone needs a break, even mommies.

As I’m sure you remember, this wasn’t easy to swallow and my request for a “super-cute-Facebook-worthy photo” with my beautiful boys before I left, was vehemently rejected.


But, after you had time to mull it over I got my photo, plus two beautiful handmade cards, flowers and a delicious dinner. Most importantly, I got my relaxing Mother’s Day and big hugs from my forgiving boys when I got home.

Love Mommy,



2 thoughts on “This Mother’s Day, I don’t want to spend it with you. Don’t be offended.”

  1. Loved reading your story Amy. Nice that you got to see your mum. I’m sure it was a win win situation for you both.


  2. Sounds like a Wonderful Mother’s Day, it should be the day we all reflect back on ourselves and regain a little of our time and space. Your boys are blessed Amy !
    One day they will however have questions, why does Alexander gets all the road trips, that leads to am I adopted, and then It goes to you love him more than me.
    Next year, leave the 3 kids, dad is pretty awesome and book yourself into a spa, have the massage, facial, mani and pedi, and come home to a Wonderfully made dinner.
    That’s when you get the Best Mother’s Day !
    Keep being Amazing!


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