Mommy’s sick…Woot let’s party!

Dear Son #1, #2, & #3,  

As you know, from being told multiple times as a reason to stop jumping on me when I’m lying on the couch, Mommy has been sick for over a week now with Pneumonia. A nasty sickness that – for lack of better phrase – has kicked Mommy’s arse. Do you guys care? Heck no. In fact, I’ve come up with nine reasons as to why I think you’re actually enjoying it.  

Oh. And one reason why you’re not.  

  1. Bring on the Grandmas.
    That’s right – Cue up the Rocky theme song – Nanny and Oma were called in for back-up which can mean only one thing…TREATS! 
  2. Mommy can’t fight back.
    It’s sad but true. She doesn’t have the energy to break up fights, ensure you wash your hands or make you clean up your toys. Take advantage of it now because once she’s better… BRING IT ON BOYS.  
  3. Snuggles on demand.
    Come and get ‘em! She’s taken up permanent residence on the couch, so come one come all, snuggles are free. 
  4. So many more shows.
    When Nanny or Oma aren’t around Mommy resorts to TV as a very reliable source of babysitting. The skies the limit and you can watch whatever you like as long as it’s not Peppa Pig. Life can’t actually get any better than this. 
  5. Let’s read another story.
    When Mom guilt sets in on you watching too much TV, Mommy will sit and read books until she has to lie down again, then it’s back to shows.  
  6. Pajama day is every day.
    Okay that’s a bit of stretch because Daddy has to work and Pieter has to learn, but that hasn’t stopped the other 60% of us. 
  7. The meals are just so much better.
    Pasta for breakfast? Sure. Crackers for lunch? Okay. Waffles for supper? Done. Don’t forget to take your vitamins boys, then you can be healthy and strong like Mommy.  
  8. Bath night is temporarily postponed.
    When Mommy feels like dying, the LAST thing that she’s going to put herself through is bath night. It’s loud, it’s wet, it’s stressful. Here’s a baby wipe and some fresh underwear.  
  9. On weekends, Daddy’s in charge.
    And with Daddy you get the five S’s: skating, swimming, sledding, snacks and shows.


Mommy isn’t Mommy when she’s sick.
I know that deep down, past the extra treats, fun outings, endless shows and lack of discipline you miss Mommy being Mommy. I know this because every two hours one of you (okay not Alexander) has asked if I’m okay. I’m not, but don’t worry I will be soon and then things will be back to abnormal again. That is one thing I can promise you. 

Love Mommy,


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