10 Reasons why I am overjoyed the holidays are over.

Dear Son #1, #2 & #3, 

Happy New Year my darling boys! I don’t know about you but I am ohsohappy that the holidays are over. It was fun. It was magical. We made some memories.  

But I am EX-HAUS-TED. Let me tell you why. 

As a Mom, everyone always tells you that Christmas is the best with little kids and to enjoy every minute of it. While in 20 years I’ll probably be giving the same speech to a fellow mom who is hiding under her kitchen table covered in tinsel and rocking back and forth hugging her knees….Right now I’m just gonna give a shout out to the mamas who survived the holidays with her little ones 

While it was lots of fun and very exciting for everyone, here’s 10 reasons why I’m very glad it’s done for another year 

  1. Everything has to be perfect.
    Okay well it doesn’t have to be perfect but as a mom we really want it to be a perfect Christmas for you because you do know that all two-year-olds end up in therapy if they don’t make a gingerbread house or help decorate the tree.
  2. You lose track of the lies.
    Really just the one lie. Santa. Don’t get me wrong, it has more pros than cons for me but sometimes hard to keep track of you know? Well actually, hopefully you don’t know. Don’t read this post yet either. Santa’s real. 
  3. Someone is always sick/teething/or just plain cranky.
    Or all of the above. And frankly we have way too much to do, way too many people to see and way too many places to go to be dealing with any of that.
  4. Over-excited + over-tired = OMG is it over yet?
    It’s a lethal combination at any time of the year. Throw in some sugar and over-stimulation and you’ve got yourself a meltdown on legs. 
  5. You can’t stop the junk food.
    Why is everyone at Christmas compelled to give any child under the age of five complete, non-restricted access to so many varieties of chips and chocolate? There should be rules and consequences that involve taking the kids home with them…
  6. So. Many. New. Toys.
    I’m trying to de-clutter and you boys still manage to fight over the same 30-year old plastic motorcycle with the windshield missing that hasn’t seen the light of day in three years.
  7. Damn you Facebook.
    Agghh why does everyone always look so happy and put together in every photo?!? I want to see the first 249 photos on your camera roll. Here’s what I managed to get.

  8. I used to find Christmas baking relaxing.
    That is until I had to start keeping one hand on the bowl at all times to deflect any sneezes/bodily fluids/random objects from finding themselves being baked into the sugar cookies.
  9. No routine? Big problem.
    Huge problem. I can’t even begin to express how big a problem it is. You kids need a routine and if it gets messed up, there’s no present in the world that can save us. 
  10. Mommy is just plain exhausted.
    Understatement of the year. And although really does enjoy Christmastime, is so grateful it only comes once a year!

Happy new year my little boys, is it safe to come out from under the table yet? 

Love Mommy,  



1 thought on “10 Reasons why I am overjoyed the holidays are over.”

  1. You do such an amazing job with and for your boys!
    Christmas is no fun regardless of what age they are at, you can always count on
    that whole month of December to be filled with, colds, teething, diarrhea, irritability and trying so hard to be kind, patient and loving…I say screw it all
    Christmas is just another day, as you see people either at your home or their’s, say this is us with all the crap we bring with us😊
    The boys will never know the stress your under,
    So Enjoy!
    This is Us! Take us or Leave us …. totally up to you🥂🥂🥂🥂

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