What you should not be when you grow up.

Dear Son #1,

Every mother dreams about what her children are going to be when they grow up – a doctor, a lawyer, an astronaut, a teacher, a fire fighter, a lion tamer – the list goes on. Obviously, I want you to follow your own path as I want you to be happy and fulfilled in what you do….But may I make a small suggestion?

Don’t be an artist. I really don’t think it’s for you.

You’ve been at school now for almost 3 months and – in between notes home from the teacher about some, ahem, “listening challenges” – you’ve presented me with a variety of artwork. Now, to me (and maybe your grandmothers) it is beautiful, I love it and it all goes on my fridge. I’m sorry to say though that to the rest of population it looks like you were coloring blindfolded using your big toe while doing the Macarena. Go Google the Macarena.

“My hands on the first day of school”


Okay, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt here in that it was your first day and you were probably too excited to focus on coloring.

“Pirate Ship”


So here I see a very poorly constructed boat that is being hit by meteors while being attacked by a family of octopuses/octopi/octopodes – ok I don’t know the plural and neither does Google.

“A Robot”


I don’t see it. I’m sorry I just don’t see it. My thoughts are you had to tell the teacher something when she asked what you were drawing, so a robot was the first thing that popped into your four-year-old boy brain.

“Van Gogh Sunflowers”


I’m actually going to say that this isn’t that bad, if I squint a bit and look sideways I can see the sunflowers. And the colours are spot on!

“A Flamingo”


This flamingo needs to visit the zoo veterinarian, and quickly.

“A Fish”


Sorry buddy but this fish looks like it’s ready to meet some chopsticks and soy sauce. Mmmm.

Sooooo when the time comes let’s look at other interests and maybe just keep your art as more of a hobby.

Love Mommy,


P.S. As your mom I still love your art and yes I do keep some in your memory box because I know when you’re a grown man you’ll really really want it.


2 thoughts on “What you should not be when you grow up.”

  1. What a great improvement in his art!
    I am currently thinking same as you, he may not be going into this particular form of art in University! However Good job Pieter, as this point I really think all you can do is to keep improving, and when these drawings are sold for mega bucks I will have to eat my words.
    Let’s wait and see what the age of 5 brings to your portfolio ❤️❤️

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