Ho Ho How much?!?

Dear Son #3,

We’ve established that being the third child kinda sucks. Hand-me-down clothes, pre-chewed toys, a lot of waiting around for meals, older brothers asserting the pecking order, much less coddling, and most definitely no baby book. It’s sad but true, it’s not that we don’t love you any less it’s just we’re plain out of time, money and energy.

Let’s look at what happened last week as an example. Sadly, we missed the Santa Claus Parade this year where for the previous three years we have met Santa – at no charge. #momwin. Therefore your brothers before you each have a photo with Santa in their first year.

Aren’t they cute?


But now I’m stuck because we missed the free Santa this year meaning we didn’t get your first photo with Santa. I know, the struggle is real and you may need therapy because of it.

Have no fear! Off to the mall we go, there’s always a Santa there!


No way. Sorry. Not this Mom. I can get almost 9 bags of milk for that. Or a decent bottle of wine.

This photo will have to do.


Please know that we love you just as much as your brothers, some days more. But $11.99 to sit on a fat guy’s lap is too much for this mama.

Merry Christmas!

Love Mommy,



3 thoughts on “Ho Ho How much?!?”

  1. Awe, poor Alexander! Check Bradford Green House, they used to have a free Santa…Alexander may need counselling in the future because of his brothers and the pecking order but please not over Santa.
    Xoxo Momma you are doing a great job!

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