The raisin.

Dear Son #2, 

“What the—OMG ewww.” **insert girlish squeak here** “Not cool buddy, that’s just nasty.” 

Just in case you had forgotten, I know I never will, this is what it sounded like when I pulled a huge – and I mean re-hydrated back to grape status – raisin out of your nose last weekend. How long had it been in there? Let’s recap shall we 


4:45pm – We leave for the trailer on what should take two hours but always takes three no matter what. Guaranteed.  

5:55pm – We stop for dinner and proceed to decorate the floor of the restaurant with French fries and “Dino-nuggets”.  

6:55pm – Back in the truck, Daddy and I say a quick prayer that you’ll all fall asleep. Haha good one 

7:00pm – “We’re still really hungry” happens not even five minutes down the road. That’s because all your dinner is on the floor of the restaurant. But out comes the emergency raisins.  

7:05pm – “Mommy raisin stuck” you inform me. So I take the box back, release the raisins, superhero mommy 

7:08pm – Repeat 

8:40pm – That was a very long, exhausting and loud drive but you’re in bed now so break out the wine.   


9:35am – You are crazy stuffed up this morning, and I think to myself, “oh great another  fresh round of man colds coming my way”. 

10:15am – Why is it I have to alligator wrestle you just to wipe your nose? 

10:30am  Again.  

10:35am – Again. 

10:45am – And again.  

11:00am – “What the—OMG ewww.” **insert girlish squeak here** “Not cool buddy, that’s just nasty.” 

It’s been confirmedIt was up there for 16 hours.   

Love Mommy,  



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