Dear Son #2,  

We love you. We love your sweet nature and cheerful disposition; we love your curiosity and sense of humor; we love your endless energy (most days) and your cute snuggles.  

You know what we don’t love? 


Sorry buddy, we don’t love Puppy.  

A couple of months ago Puppy joined our family after you found him amongst the other million stuffed animals. Apparently it was an instant connection as soon as your eyes locked because you have become inseparable ever since. While it may have been cute at the beginning, Mommy and Daddy are ready for Puppy to find a new family.  

Any day now.  

I must say though that Puppy has experienced and seen more than any other stuffed animal in our house as he joins us…


At the trailer.
He’s had some close calls and if you’re not careful he may fall down the outhouse hole one of these days. And I don’t think anyone is going to rescue him. 

At daycare.
It’s a known fact that everything gets lost at daycare. Socks, underwear, hats, shoes…but not Puppy. 

At the zoo.
Why didn’t you trust me to hold Puppy for you that day? I swear I wouldn’t have fed him to the tiger. 

All week long you did crafts, sang songs, played games and did story time. All with one arm and you didn’t lose Puppy once. Or put him down for that matter.  

At mealtime.
If you’re going to give Puppy a yogurt facial, I’m sorry but he’s having a bath. That’s a whole other fight. 

At the playground.
I’ve always found this impressive how you can climb up a jungle gym, dig in the sand, go up and down a slide all with one arm. 

In the puddles.
As if Puppy doesn’t get gross enough, let’s add some muddy water.  

On every car trip.
With the 5,000 car seat rules in this province I’m not sure if you’re even allowed to have Puppy with you in yours. Maybe they’ll make an exception. Hopefully not though.  


In short, Puppy’s gotta go.  

Love Mommy,


2 thoughts on “Puppy.”

  1. No! Say it isn’t so ! My 3 grandkids the oldest being 16 still have their favourite stuffy’s, honestly puppy will end up on a shelf sometime in the future.
    I vote that puppy stays!

    Sorry Mommy, but sometimes you just have to shrug your shoulders and admit defeat 😊


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