Why I will not be homeschooling.

Dear Son #1,
There are 37 more days until the first day of school. Not that I’m counting (because things will be incredibly quiet and dull here without you) but I think we’re both ready. We’ve got your backpack, lunch box, water bottle, spare clothes and shoes, and even those cute, overpriced Paw Patrol labels to go on things in hopes that you won’t share your stuff with other kids and get head lice.
In preparation for school, you and I have been working on a worksheets from Education.com. Now these are awesome little printable worksheets and make my life way easier when it comes to being an outstanding Mom and prepping you for the big world of education. While we can just about handle 10 minutes a day of this, we couldn’t do 5 hours a day and still be able to live in the same household.
I’ve had many people ask me if I plan to homeschool because Oma homeschooled Daddy and Nanny homeschooled me, so why shouldn’t I homeschool you?
You’re stubborn – I’m stubborn.
You’re impatient – I’m impatient.
You’re argumentative – I’m argumentative.
You’re high energy – I’m high energy.
You’re hot tempered – I’m hot tempered.
You’re easily distracted – I’m easily distracted.
You’re demanding – I’m demanding.
You’re wrong – I’m right.
You think you’re the boss – I know I’m the boss.


I think it would be best for everyone in the family for you to go to school and we stick with our printable worksheets. And yes you have to do the bug word tracing one again, I know you did that to bug me. No pun intended.

bug word tracing

bug word answers
Love Mommy,
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Your child will love tracing these bug-themed words, and you will love seeing them grow their hand-eye coordination! For more learning activities, visit Education.com.


1 thought on “Why I will not be homeschooling.”

  1. I think you have made a very wise choice Amy! How Oma and Nanny did it is beyond me, especially Oma ! I hate to admit that I was NOT one of those parents that cried the first day of school….. I stood patiently at the bus stop and waved looking forward to my day. I think you will likely hide a tear or two and as you walk slowly back home with the other boys you’ll say a silent prayer for the teacher as she is just beginning with the Kiezebrink boys. They are so cute you can’t help but love them and then that devilish little grin that says here we go folks..I am going to rule the world.
    Don’t get me wrong I love your boys but time and a little distance does make the heart grow fonder especially when they start school.
    Have a Great new adventure Pieter, and I can hardly wait for the school stories to begin.

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