Welcome Son #3!

Dear Son #3,  

Wow. I can’t believe you’re already 11 days old and I’m only just getting around to writing your welcome letter. It’s been hard to sit down and write in between explosive diapers and never-ending booby time. So while you’re gearing up for another bowel movement and third breakfast, I’ll just get down to it.  

Welcome Alexander Stephen to the Kiezebrink household! We hope you will find your stay a happy and comfortable one. Contrary to what you believed for the first few days of your life, you are probably now aware that you are not an only child and the words “quiet” and “peaceful” will be foreign to you for – well – ever.  

So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to your two very loving big brothers. 

Pieter (Brother #1) 

You’re going to love (most days) Pieter’s energy and enthusiasm and you’ll never be bored when he’s around. I warn you though that he has a mind of his own and a temper to go with it. So while I’m always one to say stand up for yourself, I would suggest you pick your battles and sometimes just duck for cover. He was overjoyed when you were born and beyond excited to meet you and show you the ropes of his domain. While he’s quite gentle with you, I am a bit worried you will go deaf in his presence as he’s really only got one volume, and it’s not quiet. 

William (Brother #2) 

You will instantly love William’s cheerful and easy-going nature. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff and you will rarely find him in a bad mood. Don’t be deceived by his sweet disposition as he’s got a set of lungs on him that alert passersby within a 50-mile radius if he’s been wronged (in other words: whatever his big brother did). While he is overcome with excitement of your arrival and wants to be with you every second, he doesn’t hold you very much yet. His experience with cabbage patch dolls is not quite up to my standards (I want all your limbs intact still) so right now he just strokes your head. 

So that’s about it, my advice for you is to bulk up now as I’m seriously outnumbered and only have so many eyeballs in the back of my head.  

Good luck and have fun! 

Love Mommy,  



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1 thought on “Welcome Son #3!”

  1. Alexander you have been welcomed into a wonderful family, 2 big brothers to teach you and protect you and the most loving parents that any child could have. Enjoy the thrill of being the youngest because as time goes on, you will hear “give it to the baby” life is going to be fabulous!


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