Spring: the season of change.

Dear Son #1,  

Spring is two days away. That’s right! The change of seasons is upon us. I’m not sure who’s more excited – Mommy: whose outings with you two are about to get a whole lot simpler, or you and your brother: whose body parts are about to get a whole lot less restricted.  

To honor this exciting time, not only did I break out our rubber boots and splash suits but I changed up our daily worksheets to spring themed ones! Ah our daily worksheets… something I decided (during a super Mom moment apparently) to start up last year when I realized you would be going to school the next year. Not gonna lie, as you know, it was a rough start and just reaffirmed my decision not to homeschool you but we’ve been getting into a groove as of late and trying out some new worksheets from Education.com.  


matching list with images_spring

matching list with images_spring_answers

Energize your little learners with this spring themed matching activity from Education.com! For more fun and engaging educational games, worksheets, and adventures, click here!

Looking over the last few months you’ve really improved, I’m much less twitchy and we have fewer arguments on how to hold the marker, how to control our urges to stab the paper when we get frustrated and how to draw in a relatively straight line.  

So like the weather, I’m seeing some changes in you my boy and as much as you drive me nuts sometimes, you also make me pretty darn proud.  

Love Mommy,  



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