I. Hate. Mornings.

Dear Son #1 & #2, 

Let’s get one thing straight, mornings are stressful around here. I’ve never been a morning person, never will be and I’m just going to say that (while I love you both unconditionally) neither of you make mornings any easier for me. Now here’s the thing, soon and I mean very soon, there is going to be a third one of you that’s going to make mornings even harder so it’s up to you two to make sure Mommy’s head doesn’t explode while she’s trying to get everyone fed, dressed and out the door. So, let’s just review a few things we could do without in our morning routine: 

  1. Working on your baby powder artwork. On every single surface. 
  2. Reorganizing the craft cupboard. What I mean by reorganizing is taking everything from the cupboard and throwing it on the floor.  
  3. Changing our own diapers. I don’t mind doing it, honestly. 
  4. Looking for our red race car/green tractor/blue truck because we honestly cannot even think of starting the morning without it.  
  5. Melting down EVERY MORNING because, once again, no you cannot wear pajamas today.  
  6. Deciding today is the day that you HATE eggs. With a passion.
  7. Freaking out because, well, I actually never know why you’re freaking out. 
  8. Having to be asked 308,229,674 times to get on your coats and boots. 
  9. Get in the van, get in the van, GAH GET IN THE VAN! 
  10. You pooped, we got so far, we did so well, we’re so late. And you pooped.


Okay, my blood pressure just went up writing this post…Oooh maybe it’ll induce labor!  

Love Mommy,


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1 thought on “I. Hate. Mornings.”

  1. God Bless you on these mornings! I hate to even say it, But, someday you will (might)
    Miss these moments.😘


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