That’s peanut butter. Right?

Dear Son #1, 

As a parent, there are some questions that I wish I never had to ask and boy did I ever have a winner today. On the bright side I think we all learned some valuable lessons – such as you visiting the bathroom before you go outside to play, me not putting a scoop of peanut butter with your apples for snacks and maybe both of us keeping a closer eye on your brother. That way we can avoid me having to ask this question ever again.  

“Uh. Is that peanut butter or poo all over William?”  

Love Mommy,  


P.S. It was poo all over your pants and the patio but peanut butter on him. So for that I am pretty darn grateful.


1 thought on “That’s peanut butter. Right?”

  1. My gosh Amy your boys do cause a little excitement!
    This is one story that could only happen to you, just weeks after Alexander arrived.
    I think I would have told William we are going to have a fun game and completely hose him,Pieter and the deck down…problem solved except for the cold they would likely end up with😘🤗
    God Bless you and your 3 sons…many more stories as life goes on.🥰


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