Happy Thanksgiving.

Dear Son #1 & #2,  

I found myself reflecting on Thanksgiving the other morning (as the clock struck three and I couldn’t shut off the Mommy brain) and how thankful I am for you both. Despite how exhausted, annoyed, exasperated, anxious and downright insane I sometimes feel, I wouldn’t change it or you for the world. Now don’t let this go to your head but this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for: 

Pregnancy & childbirth – As miserable as pregnancy can be and don’t get me started on the miracle of childbirth, I truly am thankful to have experienced it when so many do not have the opportunity. There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating than feeling you kick me in the gut for 10 months (yes, it’s 10) until finally you make your dramatic entrance into the world. At that moment you realize that it is possible to love someone you just met, goop and all. It’s an experience I am thankful for.  

3 am feedings – That’s right, I’m thankful for these suckers, but will also be thankful when they are over. There’s something so peaceful about a middle of the night feeding with my sleepy little boy. Now that there’s two of you, this has cut my baby snuggle time in half so I am thankful for the quiet time we do get together. 

Independent thinking– Oh, there’s nothing cuter than being told “NO” by a miniature person who only weighs 25 pounds and is still wearing diapers. But, I wouldn’t change it as I am thankful that you know what you want and when you want it – such as cookies for breakfast or no pants on. This will serve you well in the future (the independence not the cookies/pantlessness) so as eye-twitching as it is, I am thankful.  

Temper tantrums – On what planet am I from if I am thankful for these? Well, I am. I’m thankful as they help both of us grow. I am learning how to be more patient, understanding and stubborn, and you are learning that I am hard to embarrass and much more stubborn than you. So go ahead you adorable toddler and have all the “Wal-Mart moments” you can muster; I’m thankful for them baby! 

Poopy diapers – Yah, who am I kidding? No one’s thankful for these.  

Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful boys. Thank you for keeping me awake, in shape and slightly on the edge of crazy; I am forever thankful for you. 

Love Mommy,  



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