Status change: Big brother.

Dear Son #1,

Congratulations, you are now a big brother! How does it feel?

Oh, okay I’ll wait until you’re done your 67th tantrum of today…

Done? Okay, how does it feel?

From what I can see you are feeling a touch of malice towards Mommy and Daddy for not only bringing this incredibly noisy and smelly intruder home but actually giving it attention too. I know, it’s unfair and quite frankly unjust but I am so happy you are still able rise above it and be the big brother little William needs.

If he needs sticky jam covered hugs and kisses, you’re there for him.

If he needs to play with large wooden puzzles while he’s eating, you can provide.

If he needs baked beans smeared on his face or a Timbit dropped on his head, you won’t hesitate.

That’s what big brothers are for and so far you’re doing great.

Congratulations little man, we love you, keep up the good work!

Love Mommy, Daddy and William



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