The “Wal-Mart Moment”.

Dear Son,

One day when you’re old enough to start judging others, specifically parents and how they handle their children in public, you will undoubtedly say to yourself “no way is that happening to me”.

Well, it will.

That’s right, you will be just walking along, in a greenhouse for example, with your little bundle of joy thinking “I can handle my own child, it’s all about discipline”, when it will happen. You will want to go left and they will want to go right and suddenly my friend you have a “Wal-Mart Moment” on your hands.

The agonizing screams, the red sweaty face, the falling to the knees and the kicking. The stares from other people, the pitying smiles and yes, you know it, the judging. You hastily pay for whatever you happen to be holding and wrestle them into the car seat. Then suddenly it’s over but only you witness the watery smiles and happy chatter because you’re out of the public eye now.

After this you may be a little shaken and sweaty but don’t worry it won’t happen again as next time you’ll simply just control the situation better.

Bahahahaha. I am so kidding.

I can’t wait until you have kids of your own.

Love Mommy,



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