Let’s talk about bellies, baby.

Dear Son,

I think we need to clear up a few things about how Mommy’s belly is different and special at the moment to avoid any potential awkward social situations. Because I know you find these situations quite embarrassing. Or I do.

  1. Mommy’s belly has a baby in it and come July that baby will come out and steal a good portion of the attention from you.
  2. Mommy’s belly is growing at an alarming rate but will stop in July and once again be soft and squishy. For now though, she’s going to accidentally knock you over or step on you because she just can’t see you.
  3. Mommy’s belly makes her slow and grouchy so stop running away every time she lets go of your hand, that makes her more grouchy.
  4. Mommy’s belly moves around a lot and makes her have to pee often. So please stop trying to stick your hand in public toilets every time we go in one.

So, while it is really cute when you lift up my shirt to kiss my belly when we ask you where baby is, it is considered a faux pas to do the same to other people who don’t have a baby in their belly. I hope you now understand the difference.

Love Mommy,


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