Tips that may save your life.

Dear Son,

So,  hopefully you’ve had some time to adjust to the idea that you will soon no longer be the sole Ruler of Mommy and Daddy but will have to share the title. I’m sure you’re still thrilled but we still have a ways to go yet so in the meantime can you…

Stop climbing on my stomach, your sibling is only the size of an orange so at least wait until it has a fighting chance for goodness’ sake.

Run for the hills if you see me dry heaving, it won’t end well for you if you stay.

Don’t steal my food.

Save your poops for when you’re with Daddy or Oma.

Don’t steal my food. Yes, this one is that important.

Have your meltdowns during daytime hours, as much fun as they are a 1am…

Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy, for all of us!

Love Mommy,



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