Change is a good thing. January 19, 2017

Dear Son,

You may have noticed some changes around here over the past couple of months. Some subtle ones like my lack of energy and weeping spells and some not so subtle like my increasing stomach size and “Slip ‘N Slide” vomiting episodes. You think this is crazy? Well you ain’t seen nothing yet my boy. If you haven’t already guessed I am making you a little brother or sister, that’s right, a playmate of your very own. For you this has endless benefits as not only do you now have an opportunity to share your toys/play area/car backseat but also Mommy and Daddy! We know you don’t like all the constant attention anyways so this will definitely be a relief and weight off of your little shoulders.

Congratulations son, July is going to be fun!

Love Mommy,



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