October 2016

Potato shampoo and yogurt facials. October 5, 2017

Dear Son,  
In every successful relationship, communication plays a key role and I feel that ours needs some work. Let’s look at lunchtime today as an example, here’s how I would like it to go… 
You sit in your highchair patiently waiting for me to prepare your lunch. You eat it quietly and finish everything I give you. Although you are quite full from your delicious lunch, you cannot resist some yogurt, which you let me spoon feed to you. Then you yawn and rub your eyes so I clean your face and carry you to bed where you nap for the afternoon. Then I put my feet up and read a book on the porch. 
Apparently, this is how you feel it should go… 
You wriggle, cry and bang your highchair while I prepare your lunch because you haven’t eaten since breakfast…3 hours ago. I give you your food and you alternate between eating it, mushing it into your hair and dropping it on the floor. When I offer the yogurt you desperately reach for it because you’re still hungry after only eating 1/3 of your lunch. Between fighting me for the spoon and giving yourself a yogurt facial, you eat about 3/4 of the yogurt. Then you cover your face and struggle while I attempt to clean your top half with the washcloth. Then I carry you to your bed where you proceed to talk to the wall for 45 minutes because you’re not tired after your 8 minute nap in the car. Then I clean up the path of destruction just in time for you to wake up and start looking for supper.  
Maybe we can reach some sort of a compromise? 
Love Mommy 


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