September 2016

Onion peels need loving too. September 15, 2016

Dear Son,  
As I kneel on my hands and knees cleaning up your puke off the floor and from the bottom of my shoe, I can’t help but ponder as I do many things now, how did this happen? How can we prevent it happening again? For starters I should do a better job in vacuuming as you wouldn’t have found that little piece of onion peel that seemed so innocent 10 minutes ago. You wouldn’t have put it in your mouth, as naturally people do with onion peel. You wouldn’t have brought up some of your lunch with the onion peel that you didn’t like. You wouldn’t have played in it while I stepped in it. In conclusion, if you had been playing with one of your 4,502,300 toys instead of the onion peel, I would be lovingly gazing at you like something out of a Huggies commercial instead of what I’m doing instead. I hope it was a fun onion peel.  
Love Mommy,  


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