September 2016

Grocery shopping 101. September 6, 2016

Dear Son,  
Next to Daddy, you are my favourite grocery shopping companion. You are rarely crusty as we cruise down the aisles and are very patient in the lineups, so for that I am forever grateful. And for that matter, so is your future wife. There are a couple of situations that did arise today that I feel I should mention, mainly for your own well being.  
1. The grocery cart is not a chew toy.  
2. Avocados need to be peeled first before consumption.  
3. The spinach belongs in the cart, not the floor.  
4. We have to purchase and wash the Tupperware before we take it apart and throw it on the floor.  
5. You can’t flirt with the checkout ladies if you’re shopping with your wife, it won’t end well for you.  
Here’s to many more action-packed grocery shops! 
Love Mommy,  


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